Flight 37

Flight 36 failed, so we sent Flight 37...
Flight 37 is a 2D side-scrolling aircraft 'shoot-em-up' similar in style to Raptor. Flight 37 was made to interface with the Neurosky Mindwave EEG headset that measures the users concentration, based on different brain waves, and blink rate and outputs them to the computer. In Flight 37 we use these values as gameplay elements, the more a user concentrates the clearer the level becomes; at low concentration the level is black and white with slow music, meanwhile at high concentration the level is in colour with upbeat music and special effects. When the user dies in the game they must blink in order to save themselves; the more they die the more they must blink. Like most shooters of this style, the weapons can be upgraded from a single laser to a ridiculously powerful death beam by acquiring powerups in-game and by purchasing power-ups between levels at the 'Landing Pad'.

 Kevin Leegsma · Lead 2D Art/Animation, Level design, UI/Menu design
 Alex Gubert · Lead Programmer, Tool programmer, Game design
 Josh Toczko · Programmer, Lead tool programmer, UI programmer
 Bradley Bourgeios · Sound Design, Game design
 Enrico Sacchetti · Documentation

Flight37 Screenshots

Flight 37 - Main Menu
Flight 37 - Story Screen
Flight 37 - Credit Screen
Flight 37 - Load Screen
Flight 37 - Level 1
Flight 37 - Death Screen
Flight 37 - Helicopter Screen
Flight 37 - Helicopter Sprite Sheet
Flight 37 - Plane
Flight 37 - Missile Sprite Anim

Flight37 Documentation

Game Design - Final Abstract      Game Proposal/Concept - Paper Report