2D|3D Designer, Artist, Animator and Freelance Webdesigner

Me My name is Kevin and I see the world in 3D. I grew up in Perth, a small town in Eastern Ontario, 40 minutes southwest of Ottawa. In April 2012 I graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) with a Bachelor IT: Game Development and Entrepreneurship degree. Specializing in Maya and 3DSMax, I live my life in the world of 3 planes: X-Y-Z. I spend a majority of my free time on these programs doing anything from modeling and texturing to rigging and animation. Being a 3D modeler, I walk around the world picturing how I could create a representation of that object in 3D; what faces to extrude, which edges to bevel, and so on. Other times I find myself UV-Unwrapping an object in my head.

I originally went to UOIT to receive a degree in BSC: Computer Science, but after constructing a LED calculator using logic gates and transistors I knew that the electrical engineering side of computers was not for me; I needed a change. The year of Computer Science, however was advantageous to me. During that year I gained a stronger understanding of programming. I retained the knowledge and logic that coding taught me, and I was able to focus more on the other aspects involved in creating a game; 3D modeling, game design, interface/menu design, monetization strategies and documentation.

 The past few years I have been honing my skills with the Autodesk© Suite of products (Maya©, Mudbox© and 3DS Max©) as well as two industry standard renderers, Mental Ray© and VRay©. Through 100's of hours of work I have produced various shorts, some unfinished and some polished, which have attributed to a great deal of experience in both modeling and my artistry overall. Living in a '3D world' I notice the finer details in the real world and transfer that to my models. Nothing in nature is perfect and models should have a certain amount of 'chaos' about them to make them feel 'real'.

 I have always been interested in creating things, beginning with plasticine models in my childhood to comic books/graphic novels in my teenage years. With Maya I finally found a medium that combined my love for modeling and my love for storytelling, 3D modeling. During my studies I was exposed to various programs; the Autodesk© Suite, Unity© and the Adobe© Creative Suite; with these my love and amazement for digital art grew. With enough time anything can be created; it's the ultimate way to turn imagination into creation and it was this realization that turned me to modeling, game design and animation.

  Software/Programming Knowledge:
Autodesk Maya/3DSMax, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere/AFX, Unity, MS Office, SVN Version Control, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, SmartFTP, Audacity

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